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Detailed Specialty Product Packaging

When you need to ship anything, from A to Z we are your team!  If it can be packaged and shipped - we've probably done it and we are more than happy to provide referrals upon request.  Please do not hesitate to contact M & D Kitting Solutions, LLC for projects locally or across the country.  Not only do we kit your goods with care, we inventory and manage all your products to insure a fast turnaround time and guarantee to deliver your project on time, every time!

Shipping & Packaging

No matter where you need to send your goods, whether domestic or international, our team is on the job.  Once your goods are kitted and ready to be shipped, M & D Kitting Solutions doesn't stop there!  From our very large warehouse facility we offer shipping services using USPS, UPS, FedEx and LTL services.

If you need us to store and maintain your inventory, please contact us to discuss your needs.  We have the top of the line security both inside and outside of our facilities to protect your products, 24/7, 365 days per year.  We insure all your products under our roof to give you peace of mind!


Learn more about our fast product packaging and
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